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We initiate a number of projects and events that take place in and around the city of Petermaritzburg. These vary from holiday clubs for children to our annual Walk of Hope event focused on bringing hope for women and children. We also occasionally partner with other organisations to achieve our goals and to make maximum impact.


You can sign up to volunteer for one of our projects or to participate in one of our events, or you can sponsor us with much needed resources.

Walk of Hope

Together with our sister organisation we have an Annual Walk of Hope for Women held on 9 August. Last years focus was on bringing hope to women and children as well as raise funds for our NGO and to give to one other local organisation that shelters vulnerable women.

Kids Zones

We run weekly Kids Zones that enable children to play and develop in safe environments and this programme has been decentralised to 12 areas around Pietermaritzburg.


BCA has been running a CHAMPS programme that utilises similar skills to Kids Zones but targets disadvantaged schools by mentoring children with potential and skills for leadership.

Holiday Club

Since 2008, BCA has held successful Children's Holiday Programmes which enable children to play and develop in safe environments for 9 years with attendance of more than 400 children per year from across Pietermaritzburg.

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Email:  info@www.breakthrucommunityaction.org.za

Phone: +27 (0) 33 394 1546

Address:  43 Boom Street Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa