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Breakthru Community Action (BCA) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation, registered with the Department of Social Development (NPO 063-415), with the aim of creating a regenerated society. The PBO number is 93003235.


Pietermaritzburg is the second largest City in KwaZulu-Natal and is the Capital of the Province. It contributes approximately 20% of the province’s annual GDP, and boasts a diversified economy including manufacturing, agriculture, timber, and aluminum products. The economy of Pietermaritzburg is composed of a variety of medium to large industries that are focused on local and export markets. BCA was set up in August 2007 after a process of the church (Breakthru Church International) realised it would like to be more intentional in its social ministry outreach. The church decided to establish an NGO, a separate legal entity, which would be able to work in the community and contribute to preventing the degradation of the neighbourhood as well as making the neighbourhood a better place in which to live. BCI had a partnership with Mennonite Mission Network (MMN).

This partnership led to the secondment of Phillip and Christine Lindet Detweiler to Breakthru to help establish the NGO. They were with BCA for 6 years. MMN also provided some funding for the BCA coordinators salary. The church is located in a neighbourhood that formerly had proud homeowners.

Their exodus from the area has meant that family homes are being converted to rental units, which then become tenant farms. The church is committed to helping this community restore the dignity and value that has been eroded rather than standing by and watching it decay. BCA was therefore established to target the youth, children and families of the neighbourhood in the hope of impacting in a positive way, the lives of everyone living in the neighbourhood. Breakthru Community Action has received a large portion of its operational and funding support from Breakthru Church International. 


The BCA has achieved financial transparency and accountability. It has attained unqualified auditor’s reports every year since its inception. 

• Have run programmes focused on child protection, development and well being BCA started its interventions in the local community through a weekly Kids Klub on Friday afternoons for 2 hours. The 60-80 children come to play in a safe supervised setting as well as receive a Biblically based teaching and/or teaching relating to life skills and a snack. 

• HIV Prevention programme for boarding houses is a unique niche’ for BCA- 

• Held successful Holiday clubs for 4 years- with attendance of 400 children from across Pietermaritzburg. BCA runs an annual holiday club during the July school holidays as a weeklong opportunity to offer children teachings and recreation. This holiday club has served to train up leaders in outlying areas as well as develop a base of children from which to expand the childhood development activities. 

• A Section 18A organisation, in the process of issuing Tax-deductible receipts to sponsors 

• Recently launched and Arts, Sport and Social Academy for children and youth in the surrounding areas of Pietermaritzburg 

• Work with a community group was successful in shutting down a local illegal tavern as a means of decreasing crime in the neighbourhood 

• In 2010 Coordinator and a member attended workshops on Peaceful Community change then ran workshops for 10 local organisations on Peaceful Community Change 

• Have received external funding from Mennonites Mission Network, Msunduzi grant in aids, Sizo Foundation – Holland, Bert- Holland, MACAIDS Fellowship Leadership Initiative, CINDI, Members of BCI .

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Email:  info@www.breakthrucommunityaction.org.za

Phone: +27 (0) 33 394 1546

Address:  43 Boom Street Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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